Keynote Speakers

Dr. Kathleen Mosier
San Francisco State University

Tom Prevot
Joby Aviation


Dr. Kathleen Mosier is an Emeritus Professor of Psychology from San Francisco State University, Past-President of the International Ergonomics Association, and the Founder and Principal Scientist of TeamScape LLC, a company for research on human teams and human-automation teams. Dr. Mosier received an MA in Psychology from San Jose State University, Ph.D. in I/O Psychology from University of California, Berkeley, and her training in aerospace human factors at NASA Ames Research Center. Dr. Mosier has been conducting research on expert teams, decision making, automation, and cognition for over 35 years. She and a collaborator introduced the term automation bias to describe errors resulting from the tendency of professional pilots and other decision makers to use automation as a heuristic replacement for vigilant decision processes. Current projects include NASA-funded research efforts to examine the impact of operational variables such as communication latency and crew autonomy in long-duration missions on remote (space-ground) teams in space operations.


Tom Prevot is the air taxi product lead at Joby Aviation. He and his team are building the operational tooling and customer facing apps for Joby’s air taxi service. Tom’s goal is to help make flying in electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft across cities around the world an everyday reality. Prior to joining Joby Tom was Director of Engineering for airspace systems at Uber Elevate. Before joining Elevate in 2017 Tom spent twenty years at NASA Ames Research Center investigating novel air traffic concepts and technologies as well as human/automation interaction in aviation. He earned his doctorate in aerospace engineering from the Munich University of the German Armed Forces.