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What's New at ISAP 2009

April 21, 2009

April 22, 2009
  • Last day to reserve your place at the Wednesday Banquet is Friday, 4/24/09!

  • Note that Registration and Technical Sessions will be held in the Student Union at Wright State University. See campus map.

  • We regret to report that the airport shuttle has gone out of business. This leaves car rentals and taxis as primary transportation to and from the Dayton International Airport. Approximate one-way cab fares is USD$50-$60. We appreciate that this could add to the travel costs substantially and would like to provide two alternatives. We realize that what we can provide at this point is quite limited but we hope they would be helpful to some attendees.
I. Pick Up from and Return to Airport
Pick Up from the Dayton International Airport on Monday, 4/27/09
Going to Holiday Inn and Red Roof Inn

Bus/Van Departs from the Airport at the following times:
0930, 1045, 1215, 1315, 1415, 1545, 1645

Look for the ISAP 2009 sign near the Baggage Area.

Return to the Dayton International Airport on Thursday, 4/30/09
Arriving Airport (from Hotels/Campus) at the following times:
1220, 1420, 1550, 1720

Details of the stops will be included with your Program in your Registration package.
II. Ride Sharing To facilitate ride sharing to and from the airport, we have established a self-organizing system on Google mail for people interested in ride sharing to list their flight schedules. This way, people arriving/departing at around the same time may contact each other and share taxi or car rental rides. If interested, please contact

April 14, 2009

  • Final Program
  • Please review the Final Program and read about the Program Highlights. We hope you are as excited as we are about the upcoming meeting.
  • If you are in a Spoken Session, you should have heard from your Session Chair by now. If not, please contact
  • If you are in a Poster Session, your poster number may have changed. You will be contacted by with more details of your session shortly.
  • Event Site
  • Please note that unless otherwise stated the meeting rooms listed in the Program are in the Student Union on Campus.(see campus map on the Travel page).
  • Airport Shuttle
  • We are very disappointed that the Airport shuttle has gone out of business. Alternative modes of getting to and from the airport are taxis and rental cars. One way to reduce this cost is to share taxi rides or rental cars. We are coming up with plans to facilitate ride sharing and hope to be able to communicate this mechanism to you very soon.